Accurate, immediate results.
Anywhere in the world.

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SLANTRANGE has pioneered a smarter approach to agricultural intelligence by delivering new layers of information for more efficient use of your resources and greater control and predictability of your outputs.

Vital New Information

Do I need to replant?
What is the extent of my weed problem?
Do I have a pest issue?
What is my nutrient status?
Where are my yields trending?
SLANTRANGE provides new solutions to the oldest questions in agriculture.


Confidence in your decisions requires confidence in your data. And real-world conditions with haze and cloud cover are the enemy of data accuracy. SLANTRANGE systems are accurate and consistent when the conditions are not.

Immediate & On-Demand

Information is perishable, especially for growers. SLANTRANGE will take you from need-to-know to knowledge in less than an hour.

Scalable Anywhere

No computer?
No network access?
No problem.
SLANTRANGE processes data at the point of collection. Instant results in the absence of infrastructure, on any drone, from Napa to Namibia.




Our goal is to produce more with less. More food with less land, less water, fewer chemicals, less waste. Virtually every production industry in today's world employs some level of process control to achieve the same goal - more with less. But agriculture, from planting to harvest, has a difficult problem. The only tools of measurement are the sparse and subjective eyes of agronomists and scouts.

SLANTRANGE is changing that. We're providing agriculture a new means of process control from planting to harvest. Our technology derives important crop health metrics from the same physical process that plants use to power their own growth - their interaction with sunlight.

But our new crop metrics are only part of our solution. To work for agriculture, we've made our technology scalable over large areas and into regions with limited or zero network accessibility. We've also developed new technologies around the collection, processing, and dissemination of our agricultural intelligence to meet the immediacy and workflow needs of our customers. So they can get on with the business of producing more with less.

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SLANTRANGE produces the complete chain of hardware and software tools required to add agricultural intelligence to your drone.

SLANTRANGE sensor systems are designed specifically to characterize important crop metrics throughout the growing season, from pre-planting to harvest, and through a range of environmental conditions. Our systems can be employed on aircraft ranging in weight from a couple of kilograms to several thousand and can be tuned for varying crop types.

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SLANTRANGE analytics systems translate raw, narrow-band multispectral sensor data into easy-to-understand "information layers". Each layer of the information stack provides a new perspective on crop status, health trajectory, or projected performance which support your scouting observations for better decisions on inputs.

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The SLANTRANGE team has extensive experience in farming, agronomy, airborne remote sensing, and intelligence analytics.

Our Nebraska team includes farmers, agronomists, crop scouts, and insurers with expertise in corn and soybean production in both irrigated and dryland areas.

Our California team has developed dozens of airborne remote sensing and intelligence systems over the past 20 years for earth science, defense, and intelligence applications, including:

  • Spectral imaging, lidar, and sonar systems for the Scripps Institution of Oceanography
  • Spectral imaging, lidar, and synthetic aperture radar systems for the General Atomics Predator, Reaper, Gray Eagle, and Avenger aircraft

Together we're providing the most advanced and cost-effective solutions to the persistent and recurring needs of today's growers and agronomists.

Mike Ritter

Mike Ritter

Founder / CEO
Mike Milton

Mike Milton

Founder / VP Engineering
Mike Ritter

Mike Ritter

Founder / CEO
Mike Milton

Mike Milton

Founder / VP Engineering