Accurate, immediate results.
Anywhere in the world.


The Most Advanced Remote Sensing & Analytics Systems for Agriculture

SLANTRANGE has pioneered a smarter approach to agricultural intelligence by delivering valuable new types of crop information for more efficient use of farming resources and greater control and predictability of outputs.

Vital New Information

Do I need to replant?
What is the extent of my weed problem?
Do I have a pest issue?
What is my nutrient status?
Where are my yields trending?
SLANTRANGE provides new solutions to the oldest questions in agriculture.


Confidence in your decisions requires confidence in your data. And real-world conditions are the enemy of data accuracy. SLANTRANGE systems are accurate and consistent when the conditions are not.

Immediate & On-Demand

Information is perishable, especially for growers. SLANTRANGE will take you from need-to-know to knowledge in less than an hour.

Scalable Anywhere

No computer?
No network access?
No problem.
SLANTRANGE processes data at the point of collection. Instant results in the absence of infrastructure, on any drone, from Napa to Namibia.


Technology for Entirely New Types of Information


Accurate. Versatile. Efficient. Anywhere.

“Slow and low” aircraft, like the small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) covered in the FAA’s new Part 107 rule, provide a platform for entirely new types of agricultural measurement and information – information that cannot be captured by satellites, manned aircraft, or ground-based systems. But delivering on that potential requires innovation.

Measurements must be accurate to be trusted by growers, or to have any relevance to downstream data models. That means important vegetation signals must be separated from the background clutter and normalized for changing environmental conditions.

Analytical systems must be versatile enough to address the very specific information needs of growers across an incredibly diverse industry.

The cost of data collection, processing, and information delivery must be drastically reduced so that the benefits of these new types of information can accrue even to smallest farmers in the most remote regions of the world.

SLANTRANGE is addressing each of those challenges with technical innovations in remote sensing hardware systems, new computer vision and artificial intelligence analytics, and in the network architectures for how data is collected, processed, and distributed.

Simply put, we’re working hard to enable growers to produce more with less. But if you’re interested in learning more, just click the link below.

More About Our Technology


The SLANTRANGE Product Family

Powerful SLANTVIEW Analytics

The SLANTVIEW analytics platform delivers an entirely new approach to aerial crop measurement and analysis. New data collection and on-location processing architectures. New computer vision and artificial intelligence algorithms. Automated processing in minutes – all from a low-cost laptop or tablet.

SLANTVIEW is the first analytics platform to truly exploit the value of high-resolution airborne measurements for agriculture. What does that mean for you?

  • Valuable new classes of information
  • Immediate, on-site results without any need for network connectivity
  • Far more efficient workflows for lower operational costs
  • Exportable data to be shared wherever, whenever, and however you’d like



Accurate New Multispectral Sensors

Underlying SLANTVIEW’s analytics are the most accurate and versatile sensor systems available for small aircraft. Two new multispectral sensor models are introduced to cover every need.

  • Reduce operational costs with up to 4x the area coverage rate of comparable sensors
  • Unmatched radiometric accuracy with integrated position, attitude, and sunlight measurement sensors first introduced by SLANTRANGE in 2014
  • Designed to be integrated on virtually any small drone

More About Sensors