SLANTRANGE and Servi-Tech Enter Collaboration Agreement

SLANTRANGE, Inc., an agricultural crop sensor and data analytics company, and Servi-Tech, Inc., the largest crop consulting and agronomic services company in the nation, today announced a collaboration agreement to provide SLANTRANGE’s advanced new agricultural data products to Servi-Tech’s customers and to identify additional applications of SLANTRANGE technology.

“Servi-Tech is a leader in agronomic services across an immense section of our nation’s most valuable cropland and has a reputation for selecting progressive new technical solutions for their customers. We are excited to work with such a highly respected and experienced company in agriculture. Collaborating directly with Servi-Tech’s expert agronomists will enhance our existing data products for corn and soybeans, and will spur development with multiple new crops,” said SLANTRANGE CEO Mike Ritter.

Servi-Tech will utilize their extensive agronomic knowledge to ground truth the new technology, as well as seek out new and varied practical agronomic applications.

“Servi-Tech’s purpose is ‘making the planet more productive.’ We view this collaboration agreement with SLANTRANGE as a key step forward to achieving our purpose,” said Servi-Tech CEO Greg Ruehle.

SLANTRANGE’s sensor and analytics system measures multiple vegetation health indicators to provide growers with accurate and real-time information on crop conditions. These valuable indicators include plant population statistics, maps of stressed vegetation areas from nutrient deficiencies, pest infestations, and dehydration, and maps of weed coverage, among others.

SLANTRANGE, awarded first place in Innovative World Technologies at the 2015 South by Southwest (SXSW) Accelerator Competition, enables growers to more efficiently target troubled crop areas for treatment, both saving on input costs while improving yields. The technology also produces a library of crop growth to complement other data sources for a better, long-term understanding of the complex relationships between inputs and yields.


SLANTRANGE was founded in 2013 and includes specialists in airborne remote sensing, unmanned aircraft systems, farming, and agronomy. The company designs, manufactures, and markets sensor and analytics systems for agricultural measurements from low-cost drone aircraft.

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About Servi-Tech, Inc.

Servi-Tech, Inc., the largest crop consulting and agronomic services company in the nation, provides services to over 1,900 producers across seven states. The crop consulting division has over 1.1 million acres under contract in the High Plains area that produces 12.5 million acres of wheat, 29.3 million acres of corn, 18 million acres of soybeans, and a mix of milo, alfalfa, sugar beets, dry beans, barley, oats, potatoes, millet, sunflowers, grass, and vegetable crops. Servi-Tech strives to assist producers in making the most efficient use of their crop production resources.

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Remote sensing for farmers

The Geospatial Intelligence community is taking notice of SLANTRANGE’s capabilities in remote sensing for farmers.  The new article by Bill McNeil in Directions Magazine, titled “Farmers go high tech with remote sensing by SLANTRANGE”, highlights the technical innovations for which the company has been recognized and the unique connection it has with the farming community.