Agriculture accounts for $5T in annual economic activity, or 10% of Earth’s GDP according to the World Bank. And today, as ever, we depend upon the eyes and judgment of farmers, scouts, and agronomists who walk their fields collecting information on current crop conditions.

Their expertise is essential to good planning decisions and in-season responses to changing conditions that sustain our food sources. Lacking a better alternative however, the process of information collection is expensive, sparse, and subjective.

SLANTRANGE is changing that. Our mission is to originate valuable new information that will enable growers to produce more with less. And today we’re achieving our mission through novel applications of airborne remote sensing and analytics.

That means delivering far more accurate, comprehensive, specific, and timely information on current and forecast crop conditions to those involved in the production cycle than is possible through human observation.

Of course agriculture is as diverse as it is large, and information needs vary by crop type, location, management practice, and time of the season, among numerous other variables.

Together these add up to complex challenges for the technology developer, but they are not unique to agriculture, or new to the SLANTRANGE team.

SLANTRANGE is based in San Diego, California, home to a world-class cluster of remote sensing, airborne robotics, and earth sciences research. Our team has been working together for over 20 years on a diverse range of applications in airborne remote sensing spanning defense, intelligence, oceanography, and agriculture – each a case study in the collection of raw data and its translation into actionable information.

In addition, our original investors operate large-scale farming and agronomy operations and have helped shape our products to the real needs of growers.

Together we’re applying our experience and knowledge base specifically to the needs of agriculture.

SLANTRANGE is not a drone company.

We are a team that listens to the information needs of farmers, agronomists, and scouts and delivers remote sensing and analytics technologies to fill those needs.

So they can produce more with less.


Mike Ritter, Founder

Mike Milton, Founder