Configure Your Sensor

The SLANTRANGE 3p comes in a standard configuration that will fill the needs of most agricultural applications, with spectral measurements made at positions matched to the most dynamic regions indicative of pigment absorption and cellular integrity.

However, if you have specific measurement requirements for your application, the 3p can be configured to sample from 410 – 950 nm, with bandwidths down to 10 nm. The cameras can also be custom-focused in the factory for very low altitude or other unique measurement geometries.

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Choose a SlantView Plan

For 2017, SlantView brings new levels of flexibility to the most powerful in-field analytics tool in aerial agricultural measurement:

SlantView Lite – FREE with every SLANTRANGE sensor! Provides image pre-processing and calibration for analysis with 3rd party applications.
SlantView Basic – All the capabilities of Lite plus Vegetation Stress maps and multiple NDVI products with as little as 20% overlap and rapid in-field processing.
SlantView Pro – The complete suite of SlantView analytics tools which combine spectral imaging with powerful new computer vision and machine learning tools to produce valuable new classes of information.

You can purchase a sensor and SlantView bundle using the “Build a Bundle” option in the SLANTRANGE Shop.

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Choose a Drone

Have a drone already? The SLANTRANGE 3p is the perfect package upgrade to get more value out of your drone investment.

Still shopping around for the best flight system? The 3p is completely self-contained and compatible with almost any drone. Here are several that we recommend as they provide excellent performance, include custom mounting options, and have been extensively tested by SLANTRANGE and our aircraft partners:

We provide simple, lightweight mounting kits for DJI drones. The ActionDrone AD2 and the BirdsEyeView FireFly6 Pro both include custom mounts for SLANTRANGE sensors.

Have a drone that you’d like to use with SLANTRANGE? Give us a call and we’d be happy to help with integration.


Choose a Flight Planner

You’ll need a flight planner to automate your drone flights. There are several options depending on which drone you choose. For DJI drones, we highly recommend DroneDeploy, which includes a simple user interface as well as our custom SLANTRANGE app for additional functionality (available in the DroneDeploy App Market). Check out our blog post for a step-by-step guide on using DroneDeploy with a SLANTRANGE sensor. Mission Planner is a great option for most other non-DJI drones but you can contact your drone manufacturer for their recommendations.

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