SLANTRANGE Strengthens IP Position with Additional Patent Award in Data Analytics for Agriculture

SLANTRANGE, a leading provider of next-generation aerial remote sensing, analytics, and data services for agriculture, announced today the issuance of a new patent covering critical technologies for aerial crop inspection, measurement, and analytics. Patent 9,791,316, issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, solidifies SLANTRANGE’s leading IP position in the burgeoning field of agricultural data analytics.

“SLANTRANGE remains committed to setting the standard for measurement accuracy and repeatability, which is so critical to extracting the true long-term value of agricultural data analytics,” said Michael Ritter, CEO at SLANTRANGE. “Our calibrated measurement and analysis techniques, first introduced in 2014, are now enabling growers, agronomists, and researchers in dozens of countries around the globe to gain new insights about their crops that simply aren’t possible with manned aircraft or satellites.”

Read the full press release here.


DJI AirWorks

The SLANTRANGE team will be attending DJI AirWorks on November 7 to 9 at the Sheraton Denver Downtown in Denver, Colorado. The 2nd Annual DJI AirWorks Conference will focus on applied drone solutions for the commercial industry’s most challenging obstacles of today. AirWorks will feature exhibitions, training, and industry insights from partners in the UAV hardware, software, and service sectors.

SLANTRANGE will have their latest multispectral sensor and software analytics tools for agriculture on display in Booth 22. In addition, Michael Ritter, CEO, will be presenting in the Agriculture session on November 9. Michael’s presentation, titled “Agricultural Use Cases, Returns, and Enterprise Adoption: The DJI Platform in Remote Sensing and Analytics“, will highlight how SLANTRANGE technology has been integrated with multiple DJI platforms to bring value to enterprise users in a variety of settings, from crop research and breeding to full-scale production.

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SLANTRANGE at The American Society of Agronomy Annual Meeting

ASA 2017

The SLANTRANGE team will be attending The American Society of Agronomy Annual Meeting on October 22 to 25 at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida. The American Society of Agronomy (ASA), Crop Science Society of America (CSSA), and Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) will host more than 4,000 scientists, professionals, educators, and students at the 2017 International Annual Meeting, “Managing Global Resources for a Secure Future”.

We’ll be exhibiting in Booth 930. Contact us to schedule a one-on-one meeting. See you there!

e-Agriculture Webinar for the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Barre e-Agriculture Webinar

Matthew Barre, Director of Strategic Development at SLANTRANGE, will be presenting a webinar as part of the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization’s e-Agriculture Learning Activity on Drones in Agriculture and Rural Development. The online event will take place every day from 16 October to 27 October as the e-Agriculture team will post new content on the platform and host live events and Q&A’s. Matthew will be presenting on 19 October at 7:00 AM PDT and will discuss how SLANTRANGE technology provides customized information to meet specific information needs on the farm with a scalable and efficient workflow that can be used on all of the world’s agriculture acres.

You can register for the webinar here.

SLANTRANGE Artificial Intelligence Techniques Featured in Forbes

SLANTRANGE was recently featured in a Forbes article covering the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in agriculture. The article, written by Ryan Rakestraw from Monsanto Growth Ventures and Amrit Acharya from Mckinsey & Company, reviews the various ways AI is being used for precision agriculture and highlights some of the companies that are making effective use of the technology.

“Some have criticized AI as being too rigid for agriculture environments, indicating that there is just too much variability. To some extent this is true, however with advances in computing power AI algorithms can be quickly retrained with additional data. Such was the case with SLANTRANGE, a San Diego-based startup, which has developed a machine vision system to measure crop populations and detect weeds.”

You can read the full article here.

SLANTRANGE at InterDrone 2017

SLANTRANGE will be attending the InterDrone Conference on September 6-8 at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. InterDrone is where the UAV industry comes together, bringing drone pilots, UAS engineers, developers, commercial drone service businesses, UAV manufacturers, drone videographers, and enterprise UAV end-users.

Our CEO, Mike Ritter, will be speaking on the “Data-Driven Business Transformation” panel, led by Anil Nanduri from Intel, which will also feature Dyan Gibbens from Trumbull Unmanned and Dr. Christoph Strecha from Pix4D.

Mike will also be speaking on the “Drones in Precision Agriculture: An End-User’s Perspective” panel, led by Paul Schrimpf from Meister Media, which will also feature Chad Colby from Colby AgTech and Dr. Charles Malveaux from Louisiana State University.

Please visit us in Booth 207 for live demos and to learn more about our products and technology.

SLANTRANGE Joins the San Diego Drone Coalition

SLANTRANGE is honored to join the all new San Diego Drone Coalition, led by our partners at Action Drone. We’ll be attending the first meeting on August 31, 2017 at San Diego City College.

Below is an introduction to the organization and the first meeting from Darryl Anunciado, CEO at Action Drone.

Working together for the drone industry
San Diego is blessed with the right weather, companies, and people to propel the drone industry into the growth we all have been anticipating. The drone industry will gain more from a group of drone companies that have the same interest in growing our market. My proposal is to create an Open Forum for all San Diego drone companies to engage with each other, at least once a month. These forums can be held at each others’ offices or we can meet publicly. There are no obligations to attend or any fees and entirely voluntary to all the participants. The only requirement I recommend made mandatory is that all attendees must have the ability to make final decisions for their company. This will make it easy for each of us to collaborate as fast as possible.

Who should participate?
Action Drone Inc. is a drone company that manufactures drones and creates service programs for industrial companies. There are many different aspects in the drone industry that we can’t cover. This goes for many other drone companies. It would be very beneficial if other aspects of the drone industry can join this Coalition. This will include other manufacturers, designers, service providers, software developers, sensor manufacturers, ground station systems, support systems and all other markets supporting the drone industry.

What are the benefits?
The global market is starting to adopt the benefits of integrating drone technology into their businesses. There is no drone company out there with a complete solution to what the global market needs. This Coalition’s goal is to propel San Diego as the ‘Drone Capital of the World’ and open up more opportunities that would not have been available if we were to act alone.

How do we get started?
I would like to make this as simple as possible – this does not mean it won’t get more organized later down the line. I have spoken with several companies who would really like this group to get started. This includes Planck Aerosystems, SDG&E, Skylift, Go Professional Cases, and much more. They have agreed that we need to keep it simple as a quick gathering.

This initial meeting will be used to create goals as a group. This first meeting will give us the ability to discuss what we all want from this coalition. We will go over some of our plans and ideas on what we can do together. This is also an opportunity for you to voice out your opinion on how this group can help you and your company.

Darryl M. Anunciado | CEO
Action Drone Inc
[email protected]

DroneDeploy Now Supports Processing Multispectral Imagery From SLANTRANGE

SLANTRANGE and DroneDeploy

In our continuing partnership with DroneDeploy, the leading drone software platform, we’re happy to announce that our calibrated multispectral imagery can now be processed with DroneDeploy. SLANTRANGE sensors capture high-resolution, calibrated, multispectral imagery using patented sunlight calibration algorithms so that growers and agronomists can accurately compare crop data over time.

“SLANTRANGE is committed to promoting an open ecosystem that allows customers to collect and process their data using a combination of tools that work best for their business. This partnership gives DroneDeploy customers access to the accuracy and specificity of SLANTRANGE’s true multispectral imagery.”

To create a DroneDeploy map with a SLANTRANGE sensor, users should install the free SLANTRANGE application within DroneDeploy, fly using the DroneDeploy mobile app, and upload imagery to DroneDeploy for processing. Once the map is complete, users will be able to view, analyze, and share plant health data, providing an end-to-end solution all within the DroneDeploy software suite.

Click here to read the full press release.

SLANTRANGE at InfoAg 2017

The SLANTRANGE team will be attending InfoAg on July 25 to 27 at the St. Louis Union Station in St. Louis, Missouri. InfoAg is the premier event for discussion and advancement of precision agriculture. This event draws interest from domestic and international agriculture professionals and features a wide range of educational and networking opportunities for professionals interested in learning more about precision agriculture techniques. If you’re attending, please be sure to check out these events at the conference:

  • We’ll be exhibiting in Booth 4 with our 3p multispectral sensor and SlantView analytics available for demos.
  • Our customers from Yield Tech Aerial will be presenting in the Action From Image Analysis session to share their real-world experience with SLANTRANGE technology and discuss what they’ve learned while building a successful commercial ag drone service company. Click here to see the talk.
  • We’ll be conducting a UAV Workshop with our partners at DroneDeploy to share our experiences from working with customers around the globe to bring on-demand aerial data and real-time crop insights to the farm.

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InfoAg 2017

SLANTRANGE Announces Working with Bayer to Advance Research Programs with Aerial Remote Sensing

SLANTRANGE 3p DJI Matrice Sunset

SLANTRANGE, a leading provider of next-generation drone-based remote sensing, analytics, and data services for agriculture announced today a new Data Collection and Analysis Agreement with Bayer CropScience LP, a world-leading agriculture enterprise with businesses in seeds, crop protection, and nonagricultural pest control.

“We are very excited to work with SLANTRANGE to support our research and development efforts into high-throughput phenotyping,” said Greta De Both, Global Crop Efficiency Manager for Breeding & Trait Development at Bayer. “SLANTRANGE’s industry-leading sensor and analytics technology adds valuable and unique new metrics to our research and breeding programs that will improve our ability to characterize plant development.”

Read the full press release here.