November 5, 2016 mritter

SLANTRANGE App Available in the All New DroneDeploy App Market

SLANTRANGE is proud to be one of the official launch partners of the DroneDeploy App Market. The App Market enables drone businesses to unleash the full power of their aerial data with enterprise software integrations and specialized tools built right within the DroneDeploy user interface. The SLANTRANGE app allows a user to download the field boundaries (with or without annotations) from any of their DroneDeploy flight plans. These field boundaries can be imported directly into the SLANTRANGE analytics software, SlantView, to be viewed in the map display or for automatic cropping of maps. This capability is the perfect companion to the recently announced feature that allows completed SLANTRANGE maps to be directly uploaded into DroneDeploy. This combination of tools provides a seamless workflow for agricultural drone operators looking to leverage the rapid, in-field analytics from SLANTRANGE and the cloud-based viewing, annotating, and sharing features of DroneDeploy.

Learn more about the SLANTRANGE app and the DroneDeploy App Market here.