March 18, 2017 mritter

SLANTRANGE Featured in AgFunder News as “Next Generation” Solution for Today’s Challenges with Drones in Agriculture

AgFunder Drones in Agriculture

SLANTRANGE was featured in a recent article by Louisa Burwood-Taylor at AgFunder News titled, “The Next Generation of Drone Technologies For Agriculture“. The article explores some of the current challenges related to the use of drone technology in agriculture, such as the need for more actionable information on shorter processing timescales, and presents SLANTRANGE as one solution to these challenges. Several other topics are explored, including advances in sensors and the integration of artificial intelligence techniques to improve the analytics.

“Farmers and agronomists need to be able to act upon the information delivered by these systems in a way that shows a tangible return on investment,” Ewan MacFarlane, head of digital agronomy at Origin Enterprises in the UK tells AgFunderNews. “For that, it needs to be made available to them at the time and place that it is needed.”

You can read the full article here.